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Pure Freedom

When we first set foot in this particular penthouse at the start of summer, on the occasion of a glamorous Gatsby-themed party, we followed the trail of partygoers exploring the long corridors and exclusive spaces of what is most certainly one of Dubai’s most unique residences. Our interest thoroughly piqued, we set off in search of the owner, 43-year-old Philip Charles Gamett, a self-made entrepreneur from the UK. Dressed in a sharp tuxedo, he cut a figure dashing enough to invite comparisons with the literary figure himself.

Philip started his business at just 23 years old, designing and manufacturing fashion apparel for women. He came to Dubai four years ago, to separate himself from the day to day management of his business in London. “I felt that I had achieved a great deal in my twenty-year career so I stepped down as managing director and now attend just a few board meetings each year. I chose Dubai because its a luxury lifestyle destination, and being midway between Asia and Europe it’s a great starting point for travelling the world.”